The Beginning is a playlist by DJ GameOn which was released on September 6, 2015. It is very old and outdated and can only be found through DJ GameOn's SoundCloud (you'll have to do some digging though). It says on the description "12 tracks for about 40 minutes" but only has 6 tracks and is 22 minutes. It also states it's an album, but it's actually a playlist.

# Title Producer Writer Length
1 It's On Matthew Bernstein DJ GameOn 3:37
2 When The Beat Drops Bernstein DJ GameOn 3:36
3 Let's Get It Bernstein DJ GameOn 2:57
4 Get Active, It's Daybreak Bernstein DJ GameOn 1:18
5 Summer 2014 Bernstein DJ GameOn 8:34
6 Top of The World Bernstein DJ GameOn 2:28

August 2018 update Edit

As of August 16, 2018, The Beginning and Like A Boss are inaccessible through SoundCloud. However, Like A Boss is available for purchase on DJ GameOn's Bandcamp page.