Summer is a song by producer DJ GameOn released on June 28, 2017. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this track on who produced it. Another producer named NYLEGEND "helped" DJ GameOn produce it on the day of its publishing, however the only part that he made was the main melody while DJ GameOn made everything else. A new version of the track was posted on Apple Music, Spotify, etc on August 8, 2017. However a few months later on November 22, 2017, ONErpm, the distributor of most of DJ GameOn's music took down almost all of his music, and this song was on the list. Summer along with Hearts Evolution, Horizon and Fireworks were removed from stores. On June 28, 2018, DJ GameOn tweeted that he's remaking Summer. On July 9, 2018, DJ GameOn retrieved the version of Summer he made before wiping his hard drive, uploading it on the same day. It was alos revealed that Summer will be available for iTunes and Spotify on July 20, 2018.