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Like A Boss is DJ GameOn's debut mixtape, and was released on December 17, 2015 for Bandcamp, and November 8, 2016 for iTunes and Spotify. It included 21 tracks, mainly focusing on EDM and house music, with sometimes mixing in with trap music. There was a mistake with the re-release of the mixtape on iTunes and Spotify, where the song "The Invasion," was just the first song "The Start of Something New." It is available only on the Bandcamp version due to this bug. The album itself was in production from September 2015 to December 2015, as many of his YouTube tracks were include on this album.

Production Edit

The mixtape was produced with only GarageBand, because Bernstein didn't have enough at the time for

Logic Pro X, which is what he currently uses. It was a record high for him as it was only produced within 3 months and fully distributed. It didn't become an idea for Bernstein to release the album on iTunes and Spotify until late 2016, when it released on November 8. The album was sort of hurried at the end, because Bernstein ran out of ideas in early December 2015, so he decided to distribute it the way it was already.

Scrapped tracks Edit

DJ GameOn originally was going to put a track called "Pop Goes The Weasel" as an extra track, but decided not to, because he thought it wouldn't be a good track to be as an extra upon purchase of the album, so he dropped it. In late December was the last time the song was up on his YouTube channel, before him taking it down. The reasoning is also because he thought it was "too embarrassing" for people to listen to, so yet again, it's not there. He was also going to originally take some of his songs from August 2015 and put those on the album, but there wasn't much good to put on there, since he was just learning how to create music at that time, and it sounded "cringy" to him.

Tracklist Edit

# Title Producer Writer Length
1 The Start of Something New Matthew Bernstein DJ GameOn 2:53
2 Monday Mornings Are The Worst Bernstein DJ GameOn 1:52
3 Purple Dominator Bernstein DJ GameOn 1:15
4 Lockstep Bernstein DJ GameOn 2:13
5 The Boom Bap Bernstein DJ GameOn 2:00
6 Supersonic Bernstein DJ GameOn 1:44
7 Theory of Dubstep Bernstein DJ GameOn 2:41
8 Electron Bernstein DJ GameOn 2:08
9 Geometry Run Bernstein DJ GameOn 1:49
10 V.I.P Bernstein DJ GameOn 2:18
11 The Invasion Bernstein DJ GameOn 1:54
12 Let's Party Bernstein DJ GameOn 2:10
13 Let's Party 2 Bernstein DJ GameOn 2:24
14 Breakdown Bernstein DJ GameOn 1:44
15 Purity Bernstein DJ GameOn 2:01
16 Friday Night Bernstein DJ GameOn 1:57
17 Downfall Bernstein DJ GameOn 2:45
18 Robot Party Bernstein DJ GameOn 2:10
19 Dreams Bernstein DJ GameOn 3:10
20 Insanestep Bernstein DJ GameOn 2:31
21 Laser Blaster Bernstein DJ GameOn 3:35

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Like a Boss on Bandcamp: