High Life is DJ GameOn's debut album, and was initially released on June 21, 2016, mainly focusing on trap and dubstep music. Shortly after the release of Like A Boss, this album was in development. It included many singles such as Titanium, Back in Action and No Limits. The album was in production starting as early as December 13, 2015, to as late as June 15, 2016. There was some trouble with distributing the album across all platforms, because it was released on different dates for different services. For example, the album released on June 17 for Bandcamp, June 21 for Google Play and Spotify, but June 27 for iTunes.

On February 10, 2019, almost 3 years after the release of the album, DJ GameOn officially took out the "EP" from High Life.


The album was produced in full with GarageBand, across all 9 songs. However, all of the project files for the songs are gone.

Scrapped tracks

Originally, DJ GameOn intended to put more hip-hop tracks on the album, but the idea was put to rest due to the time he actually started making newer tracks than just putting older tracks on the new album. For example, "Fired Up" was released via his Facebook and YouTube on June 8, 2016, and "All Night/The Dream" was released on June 14, 2016 via his SoundCloud. These tracks were very close to release due to rushing, but the tracks still came out solid.

Incorrect release date error

In 2017, High Life was shown on iTunes and other streaming services to be released on June 1, 2017, 2 days after the release of Days After High Life. The release of Days After High Life before it was taken down in November displayed May 29, 2017 (however it was actually released on May 30.) This meant that High Life was shown as a newer release than Days After High Life, braking the meaning of "Days After High Life." However, this issue was fixed on February 11, 2019 after DJ GameOn took out the "EP" from High Life and reset the release date to June 21, 2016 on streaming services.

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