Information Edit

Days After High Life is DJ GameOn's second album, and was initially released on June 1, 2017. It features 10 tracks all produced by DJ GameOn, with a 34 minute long follow-up to the June 2016 album, "High Life EP." A fact to know is that DJ GameOn produced most of these songs on May 29, the same day the album was set to release. However, troubles with the artwork held back the release time, and caused it to be distributed to Google Play and Shazam on May 31, 2017 with iTunes and more on June 1.

Production Edit

The full album was produced with Logic Pro X, across all 10 tracks, along with the help of the Omnisphere VST and a wrapped version of Gross Beat. On the track, "Lowkey," you can hear what sounds like a reversed and pitched up melody, which was actually sampled from Travis Scott's "Green & Purple." The album itself has an ambient and dark tone to it, along with bringing in distorted 808s and hard kicks. This is because of the post-production mastering done to the beats to add a better sound.

Full Album Edit

Days After High Life on iTunes:

Days After High Life on Amazon MP3:

Days After High Life on Google Play:

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