Matthew Joshua Bernstein (born August 21) otherwise known by his handle, "DJ GameOn," is an up and coming producer, who sells beats online and has been gaining a lot of recognition. He first started his career back on August 25, 2015, but at the time, his occupation was Electronic dance music. However, things changed when he uploaded his first beat on June 30, 2016 to YouTube. He felt that he had fit into the rap game for being a good resource for people to purchase his beats to rap over. In 2013, he had been toying around with FL Studio, and started to create samples (for which he never finished) on his old computer. He then finally created his first song in the summer of 2015, and then creating a private label by the name of 1Up Sound. (which currently only has 2 members)

DJ GameOn released his debut mixtape named "Like A Boss," on December 17, 2015, following up to "High Life EP" in 2016. He also released 1 compilation album, and 2 instrumental mixtapes both on December 22, 2016 and December 25, 2016 respectively across Audiomack. He is also planning on releasing another album from the timeframes of May to June of 2017. He has mostly gained his recognition across his YouTube channel, in which has nearly 35K total views, and has over 200 subscribers. He also has gained recognition across BeatStars and his SoundCloud page. 

DJ GameOn released his next album by the name "High Life EP" on June 17, 2016, based off of trap, hip hop and electronic music. It was "not one of his best" stated exactly by him, and has another one coming in a few months. He is not generally very far into his career, but he has a lot more to go into, such as maybe doing collabs with bigger names like Southside, Metro Boomin and more in the future. He has actually sold beats to some people asking, and especially has very famous beats like "Finesse" and "6AM" hanging on his YouTube channel. He also got the name of "DJ GameOn" after inspiration of him starting to make music, and also thinking of Mario and video games, which led us to the conclusion of the name "DJ GameOn." 

Early life 

Matthew Joshua Bernstein was born on August 21, in Manhattan, New York. He grew up for 4 years in Manhattan, but then moved up to The Bronx, New York and has been living there since. His parents also grew up in The Bronx, but had moved downtown to Manhattan shortly after marriage. Bernstein favorite TV shows growing up were Ed, Edd n' Eddy and Family Guy. He was the type of guy to normally watch more mature cartoons such as Family Guy stated, and South Park. Bernstein also had favorite games growing up like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Madden NFL 06. His favorite console was the PlayStation®2 as it had his favorite games on it. In 2011, he underwent tonsil surgery as he was snoring in sleep, as he doesn't normally do that. He was not breathing at the time and he figured out, it was because of his tonsils, so they were removed. It was one of the most intense things stated by him that he's ever gone through. He went to Public School 106, and also to Middle School 127 as a kid. He also began listening to music at age 3, to such as people like Jay Z, Amerie and more. 


2013-2015: The Beginning of His Career 

In 2013, Bernstein had originally used FL Studio 10 to create beats, but yet again, they were electronic beats. He had no practice and was very new to this foreign type of software, since it was one of his first times ever of creating music. In 2015, he had started using GarageBand to create music, and had made a few good tracks, such as "Laser Blaster," "Friday Night," and "Robot Party." On September 6, 2015, he had released a mock album named "The Beginning," (otherwise known as 'Album 0) which was on his official SoundCloud page at the time. It was never added to his actual album listing because of how it wasn't his official first album and was only 6 tracks long. DJ GameOn however did release "Like A Boss" 3 months later.

2016-present: Beat Era 

On June 30, 2016, DJ GameOn uploaded his first ever beat to his YouTube channel, going by the name of "Hustle." Ever since then, he has made over 30 total beats, and has over 20,000 views across his YouTube account. Several people have used DJ GameOn's free beats and has an upcoming album in Q2 2017. His beats have been getting more recognition in which he isn't new to hate. On that same day of June 30, 2016, someone by the name of "Doug Goldstein" emailed him saying that his music was trash, and that he was "lyrically blessed" in quotes. According to DJ GameOn, he kept trying to trash talk about him and even sent him middle fingers across Gmail. There might've been some controversies about this change in genres, but DJ GameOn "was able to benefit out of it" in quotes. Recently on March 8, 2017, he received more messages from Doug Goldstein claiming his upcoming album "Predator" will not be good. He claimed this time that Bernstein didn't know how to produce, and as even calling Bernstein an offensive word. He hasn't paid much more attention to the email since then, as he simply doesn't care. 


Bernstein's music is based off of any type of hip-hop or R&B styled beat or song. It normally has more of a heavy and complicated type sound, in which many different sounds are playing at once. His influences are Drake, J. Cole, 808 Mafia, Travis Scott, and Kanye West. His style of music also comes from instrumentals made by Southside or anyone like DJ Spinz and TM88. DJ GameOn has been known for his more aggressive style in his beats and his songs, normally by vicious dubstep wobbles or booming basses. This can be seen on both of his albums as many of his songs are going at fast tempo or are normally more aggressive than others.


Studio albums 

• High Life EP (2016)

• Days After High Life (2017)

• Black Friday (2018)

• Waves (2018)

Compilation albums 

• A B S T R A C T (2016)


• Like A Boss (2015)

• We Rise (2016)

2015/16: Like A Boss

In November 2015, DJ GameOn posted in the description of his YouTube that he was working on an actual album, featuring 21 tracks. It would soon release on December 17, 2015 on Bandcamp and November 8, 2016 on iTunes and Spotify. Its main focus was on Electronic-dance music and dubstep music. However what went unnoticed, was that on the November 2016 release of the album, the song "The Invasion" is just the same song as the first song of the album, "The Start of Something New." This never was fixed and it has remained there since its release.

2016: High Life EP, A B S T R A C T and We Rise

On June 17, 2016, DJ GameOn released his second studio album, "High Life EP," with 7 tracks, but 9 on streaming versions and Bandcamp. It contained the first ever hip-hop song produced by DJ GameOn, featuring TheRealiSH named "All Night/The Dream," which released on June 14, 2016. It released aside Titanium, Overdrive and Back in Action on March 5, February 6, and January 24 respectively. There were issues with the album releasing because it released on seperate days across platforms. For example, it dropped on June 21, 2016 for Google Play and Spotify, but June 27, 2016 for iTunes. On December 22, 2016, DJ GameOn released his compilation album on his Audiomack account with 14 tracks recorded from December 2015 to December 2016 named "A B S T R A C T". On December 25, 2016, DJ GameOn released an instrumental mixtape with 16 tracks called "We Rise".

2017: Days After High Life

On June 1, 2017, DJ GameOn released "Days After High Life" across iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3 and more. It featured 10 tracks, all produced by himself and is 34 minutes long. It was confirmed that it landed on every main music platform on June 3, 2017. It was a follow-up to "High Life EP," with more music and more experience.