1Up Sound is a private individual label founded by DJ GameOn in November 2016, and has provided releases such as High Life EP, Days After High Life and Black Friday. On May 30, 2018, there was an Instagram post put up by ex-member NYLEGEND showing his release of his EP "Stay LIT" on June 4, 3 days after DJ GameOn released Waves. The post showed that the label was 1Up Sound but it was never confirmed by DJ GameOn that it is a release on 1Up Sound, as NYLEGEND was released from the label back in April 2018.

Release history:

DJ GameOn - High Life EP (2016)

DJ GameOn - Days After High Life (2017)

DJ GameOn - Black Friday (2018)

DJ GameOn - Waves (2018)

DJ GameOn - worthless (2018)


• DJ GameOn (November 5, 2016 - present)

• NYLEGEND (November 5, 2016 - April 6, 2018)